We're on a Mission from God!

It's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses.

The Bluesmobile

A story of love and lust, er I mean rust - by John Valenti

Let the story begin, my name is John Valenti, and I with some major help from my friends brought a beaten old unloved ex unmarked police car, backf rom being unloved and transformed into the all singing, all dancing, Nazu hating Bluesmobile

I was 15 when the move "THE BLUES BROTHERS" was shown at the movies, and there the love affiar happened, not only was the bluesmobile a Mopar, but it was a sleeper and had the magical powers to jump and do backflips over Nazi.

Many years had passed I had owned a number of Australian and American muscle cars, most kids were into Ferraris and Lambos, I was into General Lees, Starsky and Hutch Torinos, movies like Running on Empty

Anyways after about 6 years of searching I finally found a 74 Dodge Monaco in Iowa, and had it shipped here to Australia. New tyres, new shocks, rebuilt 727 auto with B&M stage 2 kit, replaced old 400 cube v8 with a 74 New Yorker 400 (endoscope inspection and sump inspection found motor was as good as new) replaced intake with torker 440, replaced carb with 750 Holley sac sec, replaced fuel pump added pressure reg, replaced ignition with petronix unit, painted car up from purple to black and whiteand got custom made door stars, then got started on aging and making the car look like Elwood still had the car after going to jail. Installed siren/PA, built and bought props like roof speaker.

Then we hit the road, and all was going greate till the universe decided I was no longer allowed to play and had to come home for dinner, and if it wasn't for this would still be in the drivers seat of Australia's best Bluesmobile replica.

Bluesmobile for Hire

The Bluesmobile is available for hire, fully chauffeured by Elwood!

Yes, that's right! Amongst other events, The Bluesmobile has been used as a prop for a Blues Brothers themed corporate party. It's been a supporting act for private and public screenings of The Blues Brothers movie. It's been used in photo and video shoots. And some people have just hired it as the most unique chauffered vehicle in Melbourne!

We don't make any profit from hiring out The Bluesmobile - during our fundraising periods, all proceeds go to Variety - The Children's Charity. Outside of our fundraising periods, all proceeds go straight towards the upkeep of the car. And for anyone who has ever owned a 40+ year old car, they do take a bit of upkeep!

Contact us using the form below, reach out on Facebook or send an email to bluesbrothers@bluesmobileaus.org for enquiries.

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